Hello and Welcome! We’re so glad you made it here! My name is Kathy Whitby and I’m the owner and farmer of Barefoot Farms of Belton.

We moved to Belton, SC in 2005 and it’s always been a dream of mine to own and operate a working farm! I guess I’ve always had that pioneer spirit in me. I can’t help but wake up every morning and think about working on the farm.

We are a small farm operation but dedicated to the farm lifestyle and all that it has to offer.  What we offer and is available to the public is…

•fresh eggs

•poultry products

•pork products

•raw milk

•fresh produce (seasonal)

And more! Just stop on by or give me a call at 864-380-2002!

Contact Us Today!

A little bit about the farm life here at Barefoot Farms of Belton…

If you don’t know where we’re located, here’s a Google Map of our location! Look forward to seeing you drop by!

Just a few of our visitors!

★★★★★ So friendly. The products are great and fresh from the farm. She explained how all of the food is grown. She even does alterations and repairs! I will definitely return…and often!
nena nelson review of www.barefootfarmsofbelton.com
N. Nelson
Such a helpful and sweet lady met and showed us around..i think we bought a little of everything i will definitely be back
wyane hughey review of www.barefootfarmsofbelton.com
W. Hughey
★★★★★ Thank Goodness I found this place.The people are so friendly.The meat is fresh and inexpensive.
candy cerqua review of www.barefootfarmsofbelton.com
C. Cerqua